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Yet amazingly, I've been checking this network for the past couple of days updating my findings of the AITD file formats and structure (the thread can be found in the LBA Modifications section).

Holy crap, Darkflame! That is awesome - go Fred! Thank you so much for sharing this information with us - I remember hearing the story in 2012 over and over again ( especially after watching Fred's GDC postmortem on AITD) about how the company left, and another one took over on the next couple of games of AITD, and Fred and the team went over to Adeline Software.

This is truly amazing! What I look forward to in the future now is if Fred could give us some file format information like has for LBA1. From my understanding of all of the games, the file formats in every game, (LBA1, LBA2, All AITD's, and Time Commando) all share similar styles. Of course, I still have yet to decipher what is in the AITD and Time Commando files.

But... Still, go FRED!!!

What I would really love to see is if he posted a video in HD of him showing off his software that he used to make the game in the early 90's - such as was shown in the 2012 GDC.

Overall, Darkflame, merci! And that's something for someone who knows no French.
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