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Originally Posted by Quetch View Post
Indeed we also hope this will bring us 1 step closer to LBA3. And yes, personally I can relate to what you've said extremely well, LBA2 was made with a different emotional core, it is THE game that introduced me into the LBA world and it will always have that special part in my heart. I like LBA1 also, but it's a lot darker and lacks the magic of LBA2, which again, for me was the bread and butter of the whole thing
nah lba2 was just sunshine happy playground vibe. Nice and friendly world ok.

LBA1 had that magic mysterious deeply profound magical feeling. A beautiful world, tragically in lots of pain.

It's like the temple of Bu: in lba it has this amazing music in the desert, a great underground temple that makes you wonder who is this Bu? you go deeper and deeper...till you finally hear that principal harbor music which makes you realize you are almost near the exit. You transform into the one....! you go from merely saving your wife to trancend into the CHOSEN ONE. The music is at times almost sacred.

And then lba2: they made the temple a playground where you can go for rides.
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