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Originally Posted by Bot13 View Post
This is going to sound weird but I only saw links to the Facebook page until now so I didn't even notice the ACTUAL kickstarter page was up.

I am freaking out. Like literally. I want to basically give all my money. This is past me's wet dream. I literally dreamed about something like this as a kid. What the fuck.

But I know I can't just throw in 399 or higher. I wish I could. I'm gonna go for the 150 one as a compromise. Now just need to get a workaround for not owning a credit card (kickstarter really should allow for iDeal payments, get with the program guys...)
Like a couple of years ago in 2012 or so I would have gone for the big one. But now it is indeed 'past me' dream. I think its quite a lot to just fork out 799 for a day hanging out with the team
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