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100% Speedrun?

Hello everyone!

Maybe a few of you have seen my around the discord of the forum, several weeks ago i suggested to install a 100% Speedrun category for LBA2.

We had a discussion there, but no specifics have been stablished.

So i have a couple of questions, would the community agree to have a 100% category for LBA2?

I've speedran the game with that in mind a couple of weeks ago, having in mind to get:

1) Every item displayable in the Items Menu
2) Every Cutscene
3) Every Clover Box

The thing is, with the 3 specific there is a tiny problem. THe game has 10 clover boxes to be found, you start with 2, the next 8 are the ones you can find all over the game, BUT, the last 2 have an issue.
If you pick up the 9th one at the Volcano, you are unable to pick up the one at Island CX.
The only way to get 10 is to pick up twice the one at the mines. So the discussion can go to:
1) Picking up just 9 clover boxes BUT pass by the one at Island CX
2) Picking up 10 Clover boxes going twice to the mines but passing by Island CX
3) Picking up 10 Clover boxes going twice to the mines but not bothering going by Island CX
4) Just complete the 10 clover boxes at the mines

Maybe i am digging up too much on it when the talks to actually have the category haven't been made.

BTW, i was trying this while attempting a Glitchless run (No SJG or Mecha Penguin), that's also up for discussion/categories.

So what do you guys think?
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