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*Takes out the crash-cart and revives the thread.
LBAnet Thread:

I've set Sunday every week for a day of development for Colozen.
You should find me on LBAnet on Sundays where you can discuss any updates, suggestions or anything on your mind about LBAnet and Colozen.

Last updates:
*Christmas event 2011 was added (disappears after the event; appears next year)
*Artificial Island docks has been added. (The rest of the island is in development)
*Mystic Island outside has been added. (Inside zones need to be created)
*SSAstaroth has been added. (needs a few fixes in a few places; namely a few entrances being 2 bricks bigger than needed)
*Tech Island has been completely fixed. (Uploaded correct version)
*Folder system has been updated allowing easier management of maps.
*Add NPCs to every island
*Artificial Island
-- Add crossroads
-- Add residential district
-- Add MTech Industries
-- MTech Manor
*Tech Island
-- Research Portals
*Mystic Island
-- Create hallways
-- Create Fire zone
-- Create Ice zone
-- Create Life zone
-- Create Shadow zone
Ambition list
*Create 3D version of Tech Island (To look like the LBA2 style)
*Create more player models with default twinsen animations attached
LBA Fan-Projects:LBAnet: Colozen world (thread)
Half-Life2: Citadel Island
Lord of the rings / LBA2 Spoof videos
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