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Update: I just tested and boxed text on the bottom on top of a background image IS possible. However, if the text type is set to 1 (Normal), the 3D models and sprites of the scene are still rendered on top of the new background image. Let's try with the Holomap Location text type. Edit: Same.

Also, if the type is set to Inventory Description, it's rendered without a frame but centered on the screen.

Edit: If the type is 129 (Demo Text), it does exactly what we need. Boxed text on the bottom but none of the scene stuff is rendered!

Now that we answered the text-related questions, let's go on. Can any kind of 2-D sprites be drawn on top of a background image? I know the game has some (like the LBA 2 and Twinsen's Odyssey logos) that get drawn in the corner of a scene, but can they be drawn on top of a background image? And can they be drown on another position on the screen? Having character sprites drawn in one of the top corners would be just bad.

Edit: Forgot to say, I'm trying to update my LBA Text Editor to use my .DLL with the original Adeline compression and decompression implementations, and possibly other things too (maybe non-standard text types too, so we can learn what each does, maybe there's some that we don't even know about), but it seems half of the code is either missing or on some backup DVD so I have to rewrite a lot of code.
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