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Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
By the way, excellent job on the LBA 1 speedrun! ( World Record ) )
Thanks man!

I wouldn't mind taking the original textures, and instead of vectorizing them, I would actually try to produce the textures from scratch according to what is shown in the bitmap images.
That would be the best thing but I think Amnesti can't do this from scratch, so it's great to vectorize what we already have!

Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
Please, MevX, you must continue this project. It would be cool to have an LBA 2 HD / Remastered game to play.
+1 at least a game where we can walk in it. Then with time you can update and add some stuff later. Like the car on white leaf. Or some NPC's. But at least Unity is great engine that'll stay for years. Making the map is already a good start and who knows if someone joins one day and add more stuff to it!
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