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Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
This is a really neat tool! I actually wrote my own Blender Python script for exporting custom models to the original LBA2 model format. I've got a character pack in another thread:
@MrQuetch Now THIS is some amazing stuff! You haven't implemented animations yet right? I was having a lot of trouble making them work with Blender, but actually I don't remember exactly what was the issue... I think it was related to the rotation of the bones, the logic to storing the rotation information seems to differ a lot between Maya and Blender.

Originally Posted by Bot13 View Post
I love everything about this! Great importer, great work on those normal maps (what's your process?) and really awesome AI upressing on those bricks. Any chance that last thing can be automated for all the games' content and somehow applied in a working build?
I was using SpriteIlluminator to create the normal maps, and got the sprites from a slightly modded version of LBArchitect (I just changed a button from export to batch export to make my job easier). The AI upscaling can be easily automated but I have no idea of how to implement them in the original game, maybe the lba2remake could support it? I made a small application to slice the upscaled sprites back to bricks so that would not be an issue.

Originally Posted by lba1&2 View Post
This looks great Dotflyer!

You mention having something for Blender, would you be willing to post that? Even just having the rig would be an improvement on my STL exporter. I'm 3D printing a bunch of the characters and it's tricky finding a decent pose that will print well.
I will be uploading the Blender version soon, the only issue with that version is the missing animation importer, but the rigging is working so you can at least pose the models.

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