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Originally Posted by lba1&2 View Post
Unfortunately it's not as easy for me to extract the LBA1 models compared to LBA2. There does exist a script for Blender but it doesn't work with 2.8 and my method relies on the lba2remake engine which doesn't quite support LBA1 enough for it to work properly :/
Fear not, there is a new branch on the block:
blender-lba [API 2.8+]
I'm still updating the API calls but the body importer is working now.

Originally Posted by xesf View Post
Saw it the other day on Facebook.
Amazing work Dotflyer!!

Having access to both the models and animations will allow a lot of people to use either Unity or UE to create new adventures.

In terms of sprites/bricks we did had an idea to upscale them, but lately we are replacing them with full 3D models to allow the Isometric scenes to go full 3D. The results are excellent and bring a different side of the LBA World.
xesf, my mind blew up when I opened the lba2remake last week, I couldn't believe you were going for full 3D in the isometric scenes. At first, I though it was some algorithmic black magic until I realized the sheer amount of work that was being put in use.
This should allow a new lightning engine in the future, right? I did the normal maps so that this could happen in Unity, and I even had some mild success with a shader to translate the light direction from the real sprite's rotation the fake isometric rotation, but there were too many issues popping up for my limited rendering knowledge.
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