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Originally Posted by Frybeans View Post
Are any of you in contact or know how to contact the developers at all? Because I have a very good funding idea that will help massively... I think

It's a website called kickstarter and you guys should check it out, the idea is for the developers to say what they are going to do, in this case a remake of LBA or whatever and then supporters pledge money to support them. The good thing is if they do not reach their target which the developers set then none of the supporters have to pay anything so it gives people incentive to donate and help out. A further incentive comes fro
how much you are willing to donate normally with a small donation you get a copy of the game but with higher donations you get bonus prizes such as limited edition merchandise etc.

Sound like a good idea?
Kickstarter is very well known these days so i highly doubt it that the team hasn't heard of it yet. But this is indeed a really good idea, LBA is such a well known game and still very populair i bet a lot of people want to help the team out! At least i would..!
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