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LBE Tech Demo Coming Soon

I know you are tired from all these LBE code little rip-offs. So i decided to make a demo of my current progress.

Expected Features(The ones marked with * are under construction):

Custom Level Format
Basic Events and Conversations
Projected Shadows
Different Twinsen Modes
Enviroment Mapping
Model Loading + Animation
3rd/1st Person Camera
A Console
Bump Mapping
Multi Texturing
Collision Detection
High Polygonal Water * (IT JUST ROCKS (EVER SAW NOLF2????)
Cel-Shading Option * (Currently Works Only With nVIDIA Cards, Tryig to make with Emulation too!)

Have Fun Waiting!!!

To release that demo i NEED a good model+texture of:

Twinsen Model
2 Other Characters Models
1 Interior Scene
1 Island

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