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MBN meeting 2086:
Ricochet (hoarsely): Hey guys, remember Fred said he will make LBA3 one day?
El Muerte (slowly eating a bowl of porridge): Yes, his new company Y34-Dludfloid said it would be their next project... *cough cough*
*Atresica runs into the room, waving her walking stick in the air*
Pandy (laughs, coughs): "Hey Atresica, is this you new Katana?"
*Atresica beats Pandy with her walking stick*
Atresica: You won't believe this guys! LBA3 was just released! *pulls LBA3 disc from her old woman's purse*
*All MBN members pull their glasses out of their pockets and stare at the disc*
*Homeless, FireBall2K and Neko get a heart attack*
Anakin: Let's try it on!!! *cough cough* *dies*
Ah that's gonna be sweet

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