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Exclamation Let's try to pick this project up!

Sorry for opening a thread thats practically dead but I always think this game would be great - A LBA racing game.
Now I can't talk, I don't know how to model or do all the technical making of it stuff, but I think someone should pick this project up again. Busybee was working on it but not sure if he left for good. Then Sebz picked it up.
It can't be that hard to make it, we don't need it to be perfect for the first demo.
We just need to get all the pitures and models ready. Busybee practically has the information on here, and heaps of models have been made already, so we need to just put the jigsaw together, look for the missing pieces then add them.
Please, once a first demo has been made we will get inspiration, and then it can be tweaked up and perfected...
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