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Thanks for the comment!
The empty sound file that is played whenever a character talks is a little big too long. You just read Twinsen say "Good Day" but then have to wait 3 more seconds until you can click the dialogue box away. Using Escape helps, but I think the emtpy sound file should be shorter.
Yeah, right. Use escape if necessary
There are some weird background noises like childs cheering or clones walking around which doesn't fit to the environment.
Hehehe... that's what you think now
After buying the hammer, I can still stand in front of the desk and the clerk will offer it to me again.
Vindish, are you reading this? I didn't find this.
A lot of characters you talk to don't respond to your question about the weird guy.
That's for now, demo only.

This is what we need, constructive critics!

EDIT: Double reply, again

Take a look at the blog!

LBA:LID Demo v1.0 HERE
Report bugs here! Thanks Alexfont!
Take a look at Vindish's mod!
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