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Twinsun LBANet - Quote Contest

Hey Fellows
As you have hopefully all noticed, LBANet now features all the Twinsunians and clones from the Original LBA1-Game.
There's just one problem:

The Twinsunians were surprised so much about now being online, that they're all have gone crazy and only can speak one boring sentence.

This is where we need you!
Bring all the Twinsunians back to life and out of insanity.
Write dialogs, stories, jokes. Whatever you want, as long as it makes sense with your character.

The one who writes the best dialog for one of the existing Twinsunian NPCs, will get a very special reward so that everyone can see the greatness of him or her.

So here are the rules:
-The quote has to fit the character and the world of LBA(Net) (remember LBANet is pre-LBA1)
-The quote has to be written for ONE character that's available as an NPC on LBANet (so tell us who it is, that you're writing the quote for)
-If you write more than one quote or a long dialoge please set it in [ spoiler ]-tags so it won't unnecesary lenghten this thread.
-Your quote shouldn't end the dialog but let it open for Twinsen to ask questions or end it himself (this doesn't mean you have to be kind to him )
-You can either write just an introduction quote or a whole dialog between Twinsen and the character, it's your choice

So good luck you all and have fun writing history
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