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This is an excellent idea.
Having lots of things said by characters really makes a world seem more alive.
How will they be distributed though? completely random? or will each charecter have a set that goes in order (or random)? Or will they all be preset completely?
Anyway a few random ones;

"Hello I'm saling these fine leather jackets..." (obligatory)
"You know, I dont trust the pension schemes anymore. There just isnt enough money to pay for my retirement! There must be all....hundreds...of people these days. Too many people and we all live longer now!Thats why I'm hiding my money in one will ever think of searching there. But don't tell anyone"
On the one hand, he looks a bit like a mad scientist dictator, but on the other hand, he has promised to cut taxs. I'll probably support him in the next election
I'll add more as I think of some.
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