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Ok here's what LBANet is pretty much about:
(notice this is no confirmed information, further information can only clearly be given by Rincevent)
The planet Twinsun has just had it's yearly election and the new man of the Planet is the great "Cancelor Funfrock".
Careful not to frighten anyone, Funfrock has just installed his new "open for everyone"-Teleporting system, though he has advised the people not to use it yet due to some safety-reasons.
Also there is a newly founded police-department, that is led by the councelor and his Policemen-Clones.
Most of them are polite and noone cares about them so much, but still they bring some kind of safety to the Cities that has been terrorized for quite a long time by the cruel Pirates.
All in all the Twinsunians live in harmony, though some are slowly recognizing what's really going on around them.
I hope this helps you understand the Situation. (I know the project-title "LBANet: The Clone War" is a bit misleading but it was just the working title and will most likely be replaced in v1.0)

How will they be distributed though? completely random? or will each charecter have a set that goes in order (or random)? Or will they all be preset completely?
As I said in the first post, you're the ones that can select the NPCs who will get your dialogs. You can just look one out in LBANet write a Quote and tell us who you wrote it for. So for that it would be nice if you could tell us the NPCs you want to have your quotes

by the way: The quotes will most likely be implented in the next release
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