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Hi guys,

To clarify a bit the things about the story and the quotes mechanism. Here is how I view it:

- "the clone war" was actually a fun title that I choosed at the beginning just for fun since we only have 1 playable character so we are somehow all "clones" of the real twinsen But as leoboe said this is not fixed and will certainly be changed later.

- the game on its final version will be devided into worlds similar like it is already now. However each world will be unique with a totally separated story, NPCs and dialogs. For example I would like at later stage to build a world being a copy of the original LBA1. But in parallel we could also have a world for LBA2 or any other world telling us a totally different story.

- everybody will be free to create his own world and his own story and add it to the game. For example DarkOnister started to create his own already.

- this contest is taking place in the world "Lbaexpanded" created by Kobold and Leoboe. This world will be different from the original game and Leoboe and Kobold are in charge of the story there.

I didn't totally finalize the dialog system in my head yet but here are my ideas of how the mechanism will look like:

Each NPC will have his own set of introduction sentences. When you talk to him one of these sentences will be randmonly picked up.
Once introduced, the player will have aset of sentences he can ask to the NPC and the NPC will reply accordingly building such a dialog tree.
Some of the tree branches might give you quests. Some might just be for fun purpose or to give the players in-game information.

So now for the contest, you have the choice between:
- simply give an introduction sentence that the NPC will say when the player starts to talk to him.
- build your own dialog tree. It does not need to be complicated, it could just be something as simple as this:

NPC: some introduction sentence
player: how are you?
NPC: well I do not feel well today...
player: Goodbye (quit)

The dialog feature will be part of the next major release of the game. However there might be a small release before that correcting few bugs and improving a bit the usability. So the dialog feature might have to wait until next year to be released. But like this it gives us some time for this contest and to decide of the winner.

So have fun guys with this contest! What I can tell you already is that the winner will get a pretty nice and unique reward
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