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LBA on DS [guide]

If you are not the owner of a DSTWO flashcard, I'm sorry to get your hopes up irrationaly. You will need a flash card with in-built CPU, DSTWO is one among the very few to have that (iplayer not tested).

You will need : -A DS.
-A DSTWO flashcard.
-A copy of LBA1.
-The DS2x86 MS-DOS emulator for DS.

First install LBA1 somewhere on your computer (example c:\Games\LBA), then copy the installed folder to the root of your SD card (the "LBA" folder in the example).

Now, download, extract it to the "_dstwoplug" folder (except the .txt files, you don't need it). Download Attachment 9458 and put the "data" folder also at the root of your SD card. This folder contains 4DOS (a DOS shell by Rex Conn & JP Software), and DSX86.ini, a file that basically sets your DS's keys to be certain keyboard keys.

In order for LBA to run, you either need a floppy version of LBA, or a CD version with a no-cd crack. Like they say, Google is your best friend.

Now start your DS, DS2x86 should be among the other plug-ins, launch it. Type "cd " and the directory where you installed the game (here : cd LBA) and press enter.
Type "setup" and the LBA setup screen should come up, choose "VESA compatible" as your video card, "Microsoft Windows Sound System" as your sound card for music, and "no sounds" as the sound card for SFX sounds.
note : you can move the screen around with the L-R keys on your DS.
Save configuration and exit to DOS, then type "LBA".

That's the best I could get so far, the midi music have a few notes missing, but nothing else works.

The keys I've mapped are the following :
select-F6 (brings up the options in game)
L-F5 (toggles scenaric zoom)

If you don't like the keys, you can remap them with the DSx86ConfigManager program that can be downloaded on the same page as DS2x86.

Be sure to put the volume up in LBA's options, I always get it set on mute after I save a configuration.

That's about it, please, do ask questions, I'm sure I forgot things

some pics.

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