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LBA2: problem in dosbox

I had bought the game when it was first out. I don't remember what OS I was using back then. Last time I played must have been using this Windows XP patch.

Now I want to play it in Dosbox. I don't have the original disk with me, but I have it as a cue/bin file (mounted in Alcohol). IIRC I never have played the game in Dosbox.

I installed and set up the game with no problem. However when I try to run it, I get

Initialising SVGA device. Please wait...

VESA BIOS version : 2.0
OEM string : S3 Incorporated. Trio64
Vendor name : DOSBox Development Team
OEM product name : DOSBox - The DOS Emulator
OEM product rev. : DOSBox 0.74

Desired resolution: 640*480*8
DOS/4GW error (2001): exception 06h (invalid opcode) at 160:00 blah blah
blah blah
Crash address (unrelocated) = blah
This makes no sense. And I have googled for a similar problem with no luck. Most problems have to do with cd detection etc etc. I also tried using other machine= options supported in Dosbox but no change.

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