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Hello all.

I've attached the dosbox 0.74 config file that worked perfectly for me for Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 on my Windows Vista system.

I use cd images that I've made from the original LBA 1 & 2 CDs.

Important points to notice:

- Try different output= options. ddraw works great for Vista

- Use memsize=16. Some games have problems if you have too much memory available in dosbox

- It is preferable to use imgmount for games that use cd audio

imgmount d -t iso "C:\CD Images\Little Big Adventure 2\LBA2.cue"

- the mixer command allows you to adjust cd audio volume, cd volume can't be adjusted in-game when using dosbox

- modify the paths in this config file so that they point to your actual image file location and dos directory

Additionally, make sure to copy all LBA 1 or 2 voice files from the image files and/or CDs to your installation directory, and select "keep voice files on hdd" in lba setup. The game crashes if it tries to copy voice files in-game when using dosbox.
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