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Dinofly Citadel Island Remake in Unity [WIP]

Hello guys!

About 2 weeks ago i gained some interest in Unity, a gaming engine that i'm sure a lot of you people have heard about. It is not only quite easy to learn compared to other engines, but it is also powerful, and allows for some great effects. I thought it would be great to import some of the games assets and models, to add a shiny new coat of paint and sort of lift it up. After all it is such a amazing game, it deserves that.

Through this process i learned to appreciate all the small details the LBA team put in making the island, and really, i never thought about how lively and beautiful the real game was. It had such a nice charm, and i knew just adding some fancy effects didn't put it close to how nice it looked to begin with. But if it put it any closer at all to such beauty, i knew in fact it would be worth it in my book. I decided it would be fine as a showcase, a fun learning project.

The real reason the project managed to survive, was because of my other partner in this project, SirViewAlot who made sure to put in a lot if not as much work as i did. Together we've been working on this project for about a week, and while some things are still missing (textures and models) the majority is in place, and indeed looks pretty good! I'll put out a executable version of the project in the coming days, there are just a few things i wanna fix first. But enough of me talking, here are a few more screenshots.

I also added a night scene for the project, that you can access through entering the lighthouse door. At any time, you can return through the same door to get back in the sunlight. Using left click will deploy your magic ball, that can light up nearby areas (courtesy of Zebrazilla, thank you!).

EDIT: First post is outdated, check the last page for current progress!
To get the latest build, click this link:
last place LBA ANY% 52:59

Citadel Island in Unity

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