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Originally Posted by Bot13 View Post
Anything you can tell us about the process and assembly?
It involves what you would expect, converting the inner game files to something more Unity compatible i.e 3DS files, and then importing them into the engine itself. The models didn't have any names, instead they were numbered, so knowing where to put what on the island was a task in the beginning. The bulk of the work went to figuring out every single position for these 100+ objects, putting on the right shader and texture so to stay true to the original game.

Now originally the textures were a scrambled mess when first imported into the engine. Not only were they scrambled, but i found that Unity had problems finding some textures at all. This was before i decided to convert my own LBA files and use them instead of the 3DS files given to me. But even when i used proper game files, i had textures missing, transparency problems, wrong colors, you name it. Some of the objects had to be fixed in Blender, and i'd say SirViewAlot took care most of these issues in the end. Still a few things like the flower pot lack their proper texture.

I should perhaps mention another thing about the textures. Since they were kinda old and dated, i processed them through a online tool that uses neural networks to artificially increase the resolution. This all might sound complicated, so i will just leave a comparison to the original texture and the new 4k one i'm using for my project. It was a lazy way for me to better the looks, without redoing the textures myself.

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