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Originally Posted by marcosmapf View Post
Did you guys get to start working with the game physics, effects, items and stuff like that yet?
It's not clear to which direction this project is going, i myself wanted to keep it like a showcase, nothing that special. Because personally i don't think there is a need for LBA 2.5, it's a lot of work for something that doesn't feel the same, and as good as the original. However maybe i'm wrong, perhaps there are many who could find good reasons for a fan remake. They should really speak up, or reach out to help if they want to make this a reality.

What i thought would be interesting, is a sort of LBA DM using Citadel Island as a battlefield. Picking up item spawns, like the blowpipe or magic ball, maybe even getting a suit upgrade for a set amount of time (Quad Damage anyone?). We already have one weapon in the project, so that is a start in a way. It's just a thought however, it's not something i have planned to do.

Originally Posted by marcosmapf View Post
If you keep this pace, how long do you think its going to take to implement those things?
And time is just something that can't really be estimated well, it's not like we're working on it full time or something. And like i said we don't really have a set plan for what we should continue with in the future. It may just remain a showcase
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