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It seems like the project has reached over 4,000 views! For some people that might not be considered a huge thing, but I consider it a great milestone. So thank you to all the people who've taken their time commenting on this project, or even helping me along the way. Truthfully i haven't done a lot of things in a long time. I've wanted to make this project something more special and impressive, more so than a uninspired Citadel Unity port. At some points, i feel like it would be easier to throw the project in the garbage can, and re design a citadel of my own because of all the limitations of using the default LBA 2 assets. It would feel like a real project that way too.

Anyway i digress. I still feel like i got things to do for this project and for the future. Hopefully I'll get something good progress going.
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Citadel Island in Unity

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