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I think being a little kid, i didn't think about the concept of speed running as a thing, even if i did follow it to some extent. Like if i were playing a Mario game or something, i would always try to be faster. I would constantly hold the run button and go for risky stuff, dying a lot because of it, but feeling accomplished when i did manage to complete a stage. I think i enjoyed games that had fast action, and hated others which require patience and thinking. And speed running has it's way of making slow games more fast paced.

But with that said, it's not like i did runs or anything at a young age. In regards of LBA 2, the closest i've gotten to speed running in that case, would probably be using the jsb glitch in order to get an early photo pack. I think i was more interested in getting stuff back then, rather than setting a record time or something. And sometimes the speed running glitches would intersect with just that, my desire of getting stuff.
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