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This is the first and last time I will mention my opinion here on speedrunning since I kind of dislike it, so I would just like to say that:

For me, speedrunning any game is like fast-forwarding music or a movie - what's the point? you're missing all that's good about it and that is enjoying the most of it. I surely don't like to hear fast-forwarded music because all the lyrics and the beat gets crumbled up and garbled, same for dialogues in movies, so why would you want to skip all the story and mystery in LBAs if frankly the storytelling was way ahead of it's time (compared to other games) than its combat and "action" in it.

Sure, clobbing enemies with the magicball or punches is fun, but if you reduce the game to just that it gets kinda dull, specially with the AI of it's time.

Makes me confused.
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