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I understand now.

Originally Posted by Homeless View Post
There is also a certain point where enough gameplay time with a given game will start withering away on the facade projected by its developers
This is precisely why I wouldn't want to tamper with it. For me, the illusion is still real and all my vivid, imagination-fertile childhood memories are alive. I don't think I'd like to forever kill the game for myself and not be able to see it again how it was meant to be. I don't want to look at it and see polygons and lines of code, I want to feel the mystic presence of Sendell, the integrity and courage of Johnny Rocket, the love of Zoé, the wisdom and bestowed reverence given to the Weather Wizard. If I feel they are just obstacles to play with to find bugs in the code, then the sense of playing a game is pretty much lost... much like, I don't know; not looking at a painting, rather, seeing the brushstrokes? I want to see the painting, because I want to fall into the vision of the artist who envisioned it - I want to see what he saw, as much as possible, with the greatest depth of understanding, and connect to that. Not the defects in the brushstrokes that give away the illusion and reveal me just canvas and paint.
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