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I'll give it a go.

Doctor Who : "Day of the Doctor" - Brilliant. Pretty much as good as you can do for a 50th year anniversary episode. In some case's it was tick-boxing the fan service, but the story was solid, it was significant for the history of the character and (best for me personally) it resolved and tidied up some lose ends the last writer left dangling over 5 years ago.
There was also a nice touch;
* The very oldschool intro at the start added missing credit Delia Derbyshire's, who came up with the electronic version of the theme tune in the 60s.....and sort of invented a lot in the process.
Its quite late - but given how ironic the earier music was and how iconic it became its nice she finally got some recognition.

* The two 7 minute webisode prequels. Nicely expanded the story from different perspectives, while filling in some gaps in the shows history.
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