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What is this place?
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And lo, did Atresica decent from the heavens to educate the People! For her name was mentioned several times in this thread now, and the great Atresica loves attention.

And I guess she also thinks some clearing up is needed.

The list was created several years back when there was a weird influx of anal behaviour. The mods have a list of people banned and that sort of thing, but since we tried to keep up the appearance that this board has a strange perversion of democracy, we want to be clear on what is happening and what has happened.

In no way I meant that thread to be some sort of "Laugh and throw rotten eggs at them" list (although, I suppose that would be pretty damn amusing in a way) and the list of "not banned anymore" was to clarify people whether someone was banned or not.

In normal cases, removing a name would suffice, but I was afraid that would be unclear and that my lovely box of praises would be flooded with people asking whether someone was still banned (especially since we had a few requests from banned people feeling sorry for their behaviour and wanting to come back)

The list was entirely meant to provide clarity to the forum members. Not to mock people, not to chase people with their past, no three strikes out nonsense, just plain clarity.

Now the thread is already a few years old, something I hadn't taken into account when I made it, so I guess some of the ''not banned anymore'' names look misplaced there.
Do I think they should be removed? I'm not really sure. You (CiB) seems to be the only person taking certain offence to it. The rest seem to appreciate it. Or Medur bribed them all, that's quite a possibility too.
I can see your point, but I'm satisfied as long as no one says "You're argument is stupid/You suck at drawing/Twinsen loves me more, because you were banned previously".

Well, except for Obras, he deserves it.
</gna gna, poke>

Now for the other part of this thread. Since when is there a direct relation between the time being here and making better replies? Some people here managed to disapprove that thesis quite well on numerous occasions. I think CiB's initial post was well thought out and worth descending from heaven a reply.

Right, Because of you (CiB) I'm afraid I have lost some of my near mythological status I had on this board by merely not being there, so I hope you're satisfied
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