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Calling all LBA fans

Well, people, who want to help me to make a game like LBA, called Arthur's Adventure?

Current development is very basic, we may use C++ or C# to develop (SDL + OpenGL).
Also, we will need someone with modelling/graphics skills (make textures and characters)...
The game itself is not intended for commerce, but for open-source.
Anyone interested, please reply below with:

We currently need:
  • C++ Programmer
  • C# Programmer (not needed for now)
  • Graphics Designer
  • Modeller
  • Storyboard Writer
  • Storyboard Editor

How you like to be called: 
Tools (GIMP, Blender, etc): 
Skype, GTalk, IRC: 
More description (opt.): 
How you can help: 
Our IRC room is #arthuradventure on server.

For those who have Skype, add me so I can add you to our group: matheus_pratta


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