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Originally Posted by Purple Sheep View Post
Yes, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are all Romance languages (i.e. derived from Latin). English is Germanic but has loads of words taken from French due to the Norman Conquest.
English is actualy very much a hodgepodge of other languages- most of which were dervived from Latin and Ancient Greek, although English borrows far more directly from Ancient Greek and William Shakespears ability to create new words than it does from any Germanic languages. Yes the Angles and Saxons were Germanic- the Vikings, Normans, Romans, Celts and (in the North of England) Picts most certainly were not.

EDIT: Although the Norman Conquest didn't effect English very much at all- only really our definitions of 'swear words'- the main reason French became such and influence on English is that French was one of Europes diplomatic languages, along with Latin.
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