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The Evil Do-ers thread

Hey folks

First things first- I'm not trying to start any form of flame war or hostility with this thread, it's just I have a question about something but I can't for the life of me think where else to post it.

I understand the diea of having a thread to point out who's banned and who's currently warned and why. What I don't understand is why this thread has a section on those who aren't banned anymore.

Ok, I certainly understand why a record should be kept for a short time about who is no longer banned, so that folks know that there time being banned is over. But why are their offenced on this list? And isn't the tone a little emotive for this? Also, many of those on the not banned list havn't been banned for years. Do we really still need a record of why T@!!&$
was banned for a week in December of 2004?

Why not change this to keep a (short) list of who was unbanned within the last month (say)? I know most of the time it'll be empty- and thats surly a good thing- but for people who were unbanned years ago there seems to be no need to keep a record of why that happened. Or even that it did. It just doesn't seem to be relevant anymore. So why do we keep a public record of such old bannings on the MBN

There's maybe one reason- so that new folks know the rules. But surly thats why we have a forum rules thread?
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