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For how long?

Most of the temporary ban offences listed happened years ago, and were relativly minor, otherwise I'd expect the ban to be longer than the one listed. It makes sense to keep a list of offences with the typical punishment for such.

Furthermore, while I can see why one would want a record of past offences on the logic that if they do it again they should recieve a more severe sentence. What I don't understand is why that should be a permament thing. Ok, for some stuff yes, like posting photos of others without permision.

But why should a user of the forums have the fact that three years ago they were banned for a week for spamming a few threads hanging over them? Keep in mind that theoreticaly, all new members are meant to read that thread- that means that everyone should know this. That will effect the way people treat those people who have (from the fact that they havn't done it again and got themselves a permament ban) matured since then. If that makes sense.
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