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Originally Posted by Medur View Post
Ok. Who are you?

Now we're done with that, I ask you, CiB, who are you?
You'll find just about everything I'm willing to say about myself over the internet on my user profile. In terms of my MBNness- as you may have noticed I joined (formally) in February 2006, have not posted a lot. I only post when I feel I have something worth saying, so months can pass before I post. In fact due to this, I was lurking on the forums for about six months before I joined the MBN 'proper'.

Have been a fan of LBA since 1995, was somewhat disapointed when certain logics were different in LBA2 (My initial reaction when told to get a wizards diploma was to try to steal the weather wizards, on the logic that thats how one gets the pirate flag and key to Twinsens cellar).

Why do you ask? And why does it matter?
"The world won't end in darkness, it'll end in family fun
With Coca Cola clouds behind a Big Mac sun" - Paul Heaton, "One God"
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