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Originally Posted by Kitarii View Post
With respect to where Twinsen will be facing after passing through the doors, these are the directions you should take.

Forward, Left, Right, Forward, Left, Forward.

I think. Let me know if it works.
I usually just pick a direction and keep going in that direction till I can't anymore, and then turn 90 degrees.

To explain better, the palace is a square (Or rectangle- not sure if one side is longer than the other. I can get away with this if Nintendo* can), you start at one corner and are trying to get to the oposite corner. Instead of going through the middle, I tend to run along the edges, if that helps you visualise it. It's a bit longer, but you don't get turned around or anything and it's not that much longer either.

*the Gamecube was not actually a cube. It was a cuboid, hence calling it the Gamecube is false advertising and they should have been taken to court and made to reissue the product after renaming it the Gamecuboid.
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