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Wow, that artwork looks great.
I'm impressed at how you manage to be skilled both at drawing and programming at the same time, those require really different skillsets. I wish I could draw like you do.

About the article: well, you managed to keep steadily working on this for so many years, so I guess those doubts are not such a big problem. I think it's healthy to have doubts, as long as they don't stop you.

I know it's a popular thing to say these days: "Use an existing game engine and ship a complete game instead of endlessly working on your own unfinished game engine", but I think it's important that at least some people do roll their own (ok, I admit I'm saying this partly because I follow a similar approach on my own project), game development is a creative process, and if we all settled for established solutions, creativity would suffer. As long as you learn something and enjoy the process, I think it's worth pursuing those efforts.
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