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Question Have a laugh:)

I've played LBA 1, it was one of the sweetest gaming experiences ever. Anyway, I've finaly gotten a hold of LBA 2 and managed to get it working *finally* and frankly, I'm very thrilled.
Thing is, I've barely been playing more than five minutes and I am already stuck: *minor spoiler alert*:At the first quest, after taking the umbrella from the thief, when you give it back to the lady, is she supposed to take it automatically or do you have to do something with your inventory? I've pretty much tried everything I could think of but she still tells me to get her umbrella. I don't know if this is a glitch or if my iq has taken a dump, I would certainly appriciate some rapid answers so I can know if I can keep on playing or if I'll be spending the rest of today crying.

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