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Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
yeah imagine all the reworks we could do.

Have to say it though. Even with really quality libraries I've used: hollywood strings library from east west and orchestral essentials from projectsam. Both are like really great sample libraries for come it doesn't sound close to the lba sound? I mean, how is a sample library from 1994 and 1997 so much better sounding than stuff nowadays? Anyone remember the soundmodule Philippe used?
I mean, Ive tried importing the lba midi's, which contain the programming by Philippe, and put them in modern sample libraries. doesn't really work I tell you
In my experience the sound of libraries relies heavily on how you work with it with various settings, ranges and even styles. I mostly work with logic and sometimes used the software-instruments for high-quality Instrumentals (to sing along) and especially the strings need some heavy work with a lot of layering and tweaking parameters like pitch-bend, modulation, expression, sustain etc. Brass and woodwind instruments are even harder, which is why I always adored the Oboe in LBA2's Desert Soundtrack (concentrate on the parameters of Volume, Attack and Vibrato and you get a glimpse of what is needed to make it sound natural)
Also tried some Kontakt-Libraries wich were in my opinion a bit easier to get to sound right but are expensive as f***.
Easiest library is always staccato strings, which I think is why we hear them so much in scores nowadays.

One important thing to know is that not all parts need to sound "realistic" or even "natural" in a whole Piece. Layering can hide lots in that regard. Take "The Empire": The legato-strings alone don't sound very much like real strings so Vachey layered Horns and Bass- & Pad-Synthesizers to blend it together. Even the main theme/melody is not only the (very good) staccato Violin/Viola but mixed with Oboe and a second String Voice. The later Violoncellos playing the triplets don't sound real at all but noone cares because the bind the rhythm together. Ultimate trick is to mix in some real recordings - which I don't think is done in LBA2's soundtrack.

So it's a bidirectional process, you need to find the right libraries/sounds for what you need and you need to know how to best let those sounds shine.
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