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Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
Do remember that he had access to state-of-the-art equipment at that time - the funder of Adeline, Paul de Senneville, made his money with the success of that world famous and highly successful pianist Clayderman (who became famous with Senneville's songs and thus they worked together).

With those millions in cash, Adeline was funded, and of course you can expect that prior to a gaming company, he had also a very expensive recording studio. Vachey mentions how great it was to work in such enviroment in one of his interviews.

Like leoboe mentions, do not underestimate the power of post-processing. Sample libraries are just a starting point. Automation, tweaking, mixing and properly MASTERING are just as important for that big studio sound.
oh yeah i heard this composer just whistled the melody in his head and hired an arranger and pianist to work it out for him. What a way to compose haha.

Do you reckon Vachey also used a producer to get his sound like that? could that be the reason why after lba1 and 2 we didn't get to hear more cool stuff from him from that quality? I could never figure how he didn't produce more stuff like that if you are that good. Honestly I do not know of a better game soundtrack.

I think the main tweaking is in the sample libraries itself eh? articulation, and stuff like that. Don't think it's the mastering process really, as that is just getting all the tracks sounding at the same level.

I really should look into programming these kontakt libraries.... man!

Speaking off.. that studio he used...that's in 1994. Homestudio's now have state of the art stuff that's supposably just as good as what they then. I wonder if could figure out what sample libraries he used back then.
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