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Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
Well what we do have today for a few thousand bucks in vsts or hundreds of dollars would have costs millions of cash in 1994.
True, although really good samples can still be quite pricy and also not always easy to get (the really expensive ones are often not even listed on the internet).
You know I once tried to mimick the old burg track but my pizzicatos were sounding crap. So I sent a sample of it along with the original to projectsam (the provider of the library). Turns out the samples had bad timing, but they also commented that the lba ones in the old burg dont sound real at all and that it sounds kinda synthy.
Good example. That's why there is a Track-Midi-Shift-function in most DAWs that can compensate most of the time. And yes, the sound's are rather synthetic but when you embrace that sound and work with it (and combine it wit other sounds) noone will really care about that.

If you want to hear interesting game music from the same time as LBA2: Try "Croc: Legend of the Gobbos". Way shorter tracks with less complexity than LBA, but a very interesting use of (Leit)motivs and stilistics. And the sound is great.
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