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I'd like to point out that the Knowledgebase should also be incorporated into the endresult of Twinsunica/Wikia/Something.

We're currently working on some basic KB threads right now but they already contain some valuable information that hasn't been found anywhere yet. We're trying to document everything we know about important, but unofficial information. Like bugs, and how to use / work around them. There's also a lot of Challenges we invented ourselves, that require extensive bug and storyline analysis. None of this is ever found on any website, and regardless of its unofficial aspect, it should not be leftout of this project. What would otherwise make our base unique?

I wouldn't mind move the KB contents into a different container, as long as it is still hosted by MBN. I'm not saying I don't admire Wacko and Salvatoor for their amazing work, and I'm constantly using it for reference, but I don't think the sites get enough attention there. We should combine all three bases into one thing, and keep that as the only one for consistancy.
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