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Thanks, man! : )

Jesse (Neko) is the only person here who knows what this movie is about. He saw some of the finished or almost finished movie scenes. He even did mock music to the materials I sent him – and I liked it; ) We talked about it, exchanged some suggestions but we haven't decided anything specific, it's too early for that.

I feel I owe you all an apology. When I started this thread I really believed that I’d be able to finish this film by the end of June. And I would (this is not a very big movie, maybe 5 times bigger than the lba3fan trailer I made many years ago) but you know how it is... life, work, home renovation... That’s why I don't set myself on any specific date anymore – will be finished when it’s finished ; )

OK, time for a short report ; ) At the moment I have about 60/70% of the film. I’m currently working on one of the last sequences.

Click image for larger version

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