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There's a couple of known issues with inventory items in LBA2 - iteneray token doesn't work, I think a few items are missing. The basics work though.

LBA2 is next big target TBH. Flying won't be implemented as updating values in memory doesn't reflect in character position like it did in LBA1. I was surprised it worked in LBA1. I may implement a page so you can see the x,y,z co-ordinates, but it'll be view only and non-edit.

Savegame won't need to be implemented for LBA2, so it's just for now working on Inventory items, possibly find a "chapter" value, to implement. Currently implementing godmode/inf magic for LBA2 - so re-writing the backend so LBA1/LBA2 use the same internal object....... <trails off into more boring tech ramble>
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