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[LBA Prequel] Introducting the LBA Prequel Developer's Blog

You may have already noticed this if you've been checking our website over the past couple of days, but the LBA Prequel Team is pleased to announce our new Developer's Blog, which can be found at here. In addition, there is also a link to the blog on our homepage, in the left navigation menu.

With this new blog, we hope to phase out the Prequel newsletter, and for a variety of reasons, all of which are good. First, we found that it was too difficult to make a professional style newsletter while working on the project - we were devoting too much time to working on the newsletter and its specific content, and not concentrating on the game. Bad idea. Secondly, we wanted to get more of that 'Developer Interview' feel from the newsletter out to you , as many of you said you enjoyed that portion of the newsletters specifically.

Consequently, we are officially announcing the end of the LBA Prequel newsletter, so that we can fully concentrate on the game itself. Instead, now each Prequel team member will provide frequent updates on their individual work on the Developer's Blog, as well as taking questions and posting screens and clips relevant to the game. We feel that this will provide a much more personal experience, as well as allow us to update more frequently, since blog posts are much simpler to construct than a newsletter.

This blog will be updated frequently; our goal is to have each member post about every week or so with a little update/check-in to let you know how their progress is going, what they are working on, and what they feel like. Neko and Zink have already posted their entries, so please check them out and leave comments and questions for them!

Again, big thanks to the LBA community for your help and support of our project. We hope that this blog, in replacing the newsletter, will be much more accessible and user-friendly to all involved. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email address]

Best Wishes,
The LBA Prequel Team

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