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well, i havent checked for a long time......but there is a fully working PS1 emulator for the PSP. Its actually a firmware hack (by dark alex) which has allowed users to put there own PS1 games onto their memory card.

However, only a minority can do this (those with 1.5 firmware or those who already follow 'dark alex'.

Anyway, im searching for LBA on PS1 so i can play it portable with full speed and no sound glitches...(yes i have been playing non stop with this cool emu)

'Dark_AleX has just released the much anticipated update to his earlier custom firmware, 3.02 OE-A. And as promised, the new version will allow you to play your own PlayStation titles, rather than waiting for Sony to release them. The instructions for converting your PlayStation games to the POPS format are included.'
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