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Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
What about respecting other people's opinion on games? I liked Sunshine better.
Respect? pff.
Your either mad or have poor memory

Seriously, though, the main (huge) point against sunshine is it gets very repedative, and this is a criteria Yahtzee marks down heavily elsewhere, so it seems baffling thats not the case here.
Mario64 was a much more diverse game, both in gameplay and in aesthetics/environments. (Nothing in sunshine was, say, as clever as the big/small hallway, or the mirror room.)
The only point it wasnt as repedative, which purhapes Yahtzee would have marked down, was the kooper boss fights. Mario64 did use effectively the same boss 3 or 4 times which kinda was a waste.
(a mistake they repedated with Metroid Hunter).
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