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I'm glad Fred picked TC instead of his other classics to make a sequel. It's perfect for him to practice new ideas and see the response from the gamers, without compromising other more important titles (ie:LBA3...). And afterall, Time Commando was awesome. The idea of spiritual sequels in games seems to be some sort of trend nowadays, but oh well, it's more commercially appealling I guess.

I don't think it's an april fools, that's silly. Fred did announce a while ago he was making a game and this sounds like a reasonable time to unveil more details about it. Just because it isn't LBA3 you all don't have to go ranting that it's a joke.

EDIT: It just now occured to me that he DID mention something about TC years ago, when I had sent him (my first and only) email to him about the damalalai puppet. I never thought of it as something really important, for just the fact that fred himself being happy about something I made was too overwhelming for me to even think of TC at the time. (check attachement)
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