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I've received a ban for a peaceful message which was meant to help another member. It could have been seen as something rude, if the receiver made a mistake judging my intentions. Anyways, it's not a reason to ban me.
Secondly, dear Streggy and others who think I've done something bad in this whole situation: I don't EVER lie. Neither in the internet, nor in real life. The only reason why I sometimes have to hide the truth (not lie though) is if I promised someone not to reveal their secrets.
If something is unclear for you, please ask. The screenshots show precisely what I said before. I did not lie, unlike Kitarii.
I've never said I did not overreact on that night, but it was ONE, SINGLE situation. It was wrong and I understand it, but I didn't do it with a purpose of making mod's work harder. Some time before that night I had been talking with Jesse about offensive behaviour of some members of MBN. He suggested reporting them. I didn't even know what happens if I report someone, I did not know that it might be disturbing to receive too many reports. So then, on that night, I reported many DJ's posts, mainly to say to Jesse "And? So I report, but nothing will be done cause it's DJ, right?". I was crying and felt terrible, I didn't fully understand that what I was doing is bad. Then Kitarii sent me the message and it made me feel even worse, because not only DJ wasn't reprimended, but additionaly I was. So I was angry with Kitarii and sent him the not helpful responce. Then I only reported things a few times, rarely. The massive amount of reports you've seen on the screenshots all came from that ONE night.

If Kitarii had asked me if he can post the screenshots, I'd have agreed, because why not? They don't show anything more than I had said before.
But his nasty comments telling that I was repeating my behaviour from that night made me angry again, that's why I accused him of lying, and I still find what he has done offensive.

How about an agreement: I can admit (once more...) that what I did on that night was wrong and apologise for the trouble I caused then, not knowing what are the consequences of my act.
He can apologise me for posting private content and accusing me of lying.


I also demand my ban to be cancelled, because my PM wasn't offensive or rude.
If mods need to understand why I sent it, I'm willing to explain in a PM.


PS. - Sorry for creating an account, but I really can't leave such things unsolved.