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So, changes!

(YouTube really drowns the colours )
@Angelus completely forgot about the multiple characters issue, only just saw it again while skimming the thread... will tackle it at some point...

Tweaks to Twinsen's face, new toon shader on the character, Full Body IK system, with Look IK for the head for points of interest.

Two behaviour modes (normal and sporty to be changed on F1 and F2), falling with an animation blend based on fall height (which you sadly can't test here), still some work to be done on that, I need to test more raycasts at the edge of the player capsule to get the falling state more reliably.

Twinsen now looks at potentially interactable objects or points of interest that are nearby.

Completely new, smoother camera.

TONS of animation tweaks, but I still need to change the idles for both modes to something different.

Little Twinsen in the lower left corner is a render texture for the UI - I'm going to do a mix of the behaviour mode menu and the inventory, with a single character image rather than four.

UI is temporary, I'm going to redo the whole system for it and the GFX.
After going back to the menu, the new game button will still spawn two players! Apparently Wrong... must've fixed it at some point! Huh...
Wrong again! Hitting new game while in game will still do that!

Some people reported that on windows the can't select the menu buttons, or the new game button - no idea what does that, it's all ok on Linux for me. Bear in Mind that Windows 10 does add a virtual gamepad with all it's axis' at 1.... instead of 0.... so until I put in a detection system(which I have ready in a different project) or ignore the outputs (which I don't want to do just for the sake of windows 10 at this point...) if the menu just scrolls down, you need to plug in a pad and set it's horizontal and vertical axis in the settings window.

Proper executable(Linux):

Windows Executable (Ugh):
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